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Is HVAC Certification Worth The Money?

A lot of people who are new to the HVAC industry are curious as to whether or not it is even worth it to become HVAC certified.

This is an absolutely valid question. I mean, let’s be real, exam prep materials are not cheap and people don’t want to spend their time studying for a certification that isn’t going to give them some sort of return. So is it worth it?

My Take: Certifications Can’t Hurt

There are a lot of different situations and circumstances that could play into this decision, so only you can decide whether or not certification is something you want to pursue. However, I am always of the opinion that if you have the opportunity to get certification, it can’t hurt.

The HVAC industry is competitive, and there are lots of qualified candidates out there and personally, I want every advantage I can get. Whether it’s for a position I am applying for or a position within another company, the certifications will always be helpful.

Companies Like HVAC Certified Employees

Just like you find yourself competing for a job, HVAC companies compete every day for customers.

And just like you, they want to be able to tout as many accolades as they can. This is why many companies are willing to pay for their employees to become certified – because they want to be able that all of their technicians are certified in one way or another.

This is why if you are applying for one of these types of companies, you are immediately more desirable. They don’t need to invest more money into you because you have already put in the work and time needed to obtain certification.

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Is HVAC Certification Worth The Money?
Is HVAC Certification Worth The Money?
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