HVAC Salary Based on Position

The HVAC salary will typically depend on an individual’s skill level, years of experience and place of employment. The tech will working by installing, repairing and maintaining air conditioning, ventilation and heating units for commercial or residential buildings. The tech is trained to read blueprints and to use a variety of specialized tools, which includes current meters, flow sensors and metal cutters. When performing maintenance duties, a tech will ensure that all of a system’s components, including switches, thermostats, pumps, fans and motors, are working correctly. They will also speak with their customers and recommend or adjust system settings. The specific duties for this position will include testing systems for leaks, testing electrical circuits, welding pipes and connecting wires.

Career Overview for the HVAC Tech

An HVAC technician will need to have a deep understanding of installation practices and electrical science. According to statistics, the demand for this position is expected to grow by almost thirty percent in the next five years, which is faster than the average career growth.  

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An HVAC installer can earn an average of $42,000 a year, with four or more years of experience, while those new to the field make an average of $26,000 the first three years. Working in the motor vehicle manufacturing industry can offer the highest salary, with the average employee earning $68,000 a year.

Annual Salary Info Based on Job Title

If you’re someone that’s interested in a career in the HVAC field, the earning potential will vary, based on your job title, the amount of experience you have and the level of education completed. You can significantly increase your chances of landing employment by enrolling in an accredited certificate or degree program. You can also obtain certification through a certifying organization, which is a requirement in some states. The certification process will usually involve providing proof of the completion of an internship and passing a multiple choice written exam.

Professionals can work under a number of titles, such as installation tech, mechanic or service technician. According to statistics, service techs that had one to four years of experience earned an average salary that ranged from $26,000 to $42,000 and  HVAC mechanics that had one to four years of experience made an average salary that ranged from $26,000 to $56,000. Installation technicians in this field with one to four years of experience made an annual salary that ranged from $30,000 to $42,000.

Many professionals in this field will choose to further their education, in order to land a higher HVAC salary. These programs can come in the form of the associate’s or bachelor’s degree, or working professionals can enroll in a six to twelve month certificate program. Certificate programs will  feature new techniques used in the field and a number of advanced installation methods. To qualify for enrollment, the HVAC tech will need to provide proof of valid certification and previous work experience in this field.