HVAC Certification Requirement in New Mexico

New Mexico offers licenses for technicians and contractors:

Prerequisites (Technicians):
– Must either have a Journeyman license or work under the supervision of someone with a Journeyman license.
– Submit application form here along with $75 fee
– A notarized form indicating that you have at least either 2 years or 4000 hours of industry work experience.
– You must then take a written exam consisting of 50 questions in 120 minutes. After successfully obtaining a license, you must renew it every 3 years.

Prerequisites (Contractors):
– Submit the application form along with $20 fee.
– You must also provide proof that you have the required industry experience (2-4 years, depending on the license classification), a certificate of competence, bond (between $500 and $5000, depending on the anticipated business), and the $30 application fee.
– Must pass a written exam consisting of 100 questions in 3 hours, with a passing score of 75%.

Note: Federal law requires EPA certification.