HVAC Certification Requirement in Arkansas

No state license required to become HVAC technicians in Arkansas.

Note: Federal law requires EPA certification.

However, HVAC contractors must obtain one of the following licenses:

– Class A: Allows work on systems of unlimited size and capacity.
– Class B: Allows work on systems up to a capacity of 15 tons per unit cooling.

To obtain either class of license:

– You must have at least 4 years of residential experience, or a commercial license, which requires 5 years of experience.

To apply,

1. Submit the application form here.
2. Register and pass the required open-book exam. Class A exam consists of 100 questions (in 4 hours). Class B exam consists of 50 questions (3 hours). Exam fees are $80. 70% require to pass. You must also pass the Contractor’s Business and Law exam, which requires you to answer 50 questions in 2 hours. The passing score is 70% for these exams.

If you succeed in passing these exams, you must pay a fee of $200/yr for the Class A license, or a fee of $150/yr for the Class B license.

For more information, visit the Arkansas Contractors Licensing Board.