HVAC Certification Requirement in Arizona

In the state of Arizona, HVAC professionals are not mandated to have a state license. However, for those who wish to enhance their credibility and broaden the scope of their work, the Arizona Registrar of Contractors does offer specific licenses. These include:

  • Air Conditioning and Refrigeration including Solar (C-39)
  • Air Conditioning, Refrigeration and Heating (K-39)
  • Air Conditioning and Refrigeration (L-39)

The contractor license classifications allow separate licenses for commercial and residential work and dual licenses that cover both commercial and residential, for each particular trade or field of the construction profession. Residential contracting is defined as construction on residential structures such as houses, townhouses, condominiums or cooperative units and apartment complexes of four units or less. Residential construction also includes any appurtenances on or within residential property lines, connection to utility service and sewer lines, meters and mechanical or structural service for any residential structure.

To obtain the licenses, the agency requires at least 4 years of work experience in a related field. You must also pass a written exam & submit an application form to the state together with a bond. The fees for a contractor’s license depend on the type and class of license for which you are applying. A license is issued for 2 years and must be renewed biennially with the required renewal fees on the anniversary month of original issuance. ($320 for a residential license, $645 for a commercial license, and $1125 for a dual license).

Importantly, federal law necessitates an EPA certification for HVAC professionals, a requirement that is applicable across all states.