25 Practise EPA HVAC 608 Final Exam Answers

HVAC 608 final exam consists of 50 questions, so we have included these practice questions (and answers) to help you study for this test. Most of the EPA questions are short, with some multiple-choice questions, along with a couple of ‘ place the answers in the correct order’ questions. You don’t have a time limit to complete the exam. In fact, you most likely have seen the questions in the review sections of your book in one form or another. All of the review sections in the book are extremely helpful when preparing to take the test, and there is no downside to doing them, right?

You need to answer questions about the basic principles of HVAC …

You can learn this information by completing an in person or online eLearning course. At the end of the course, you will take the final exam.

158 HVAC 608 Practise Exam Questions

  • 158 HVAC 608 Practise Exam Questions

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    158 HVAC 608 Practise Exam Questions

25 Practise Q & A for the Final Exam

Here are some practice questions and answers to help you along:

Practise Questions for the Final Exam

Attempt all questions providing brief answers

Question 1. What does the evaporator absorb?
Question 2. What occurs in the evaporator?
Question 3. What is the state of the refrigerant at the outlet of the evaporator?
Question 4. What does the refrigerant condense to as the refrigerant expels heat?
Question 5. What is the pressure of the refrigerant at the condenser outlet?
Question 6. A metering device is used for:
Question 7. What is a capillary tube or fixed bore metering system usually equipped with?
Question 8. What is a thermostatic expansion valve system is usually equipped with?
Question 9. What is the colour of the compound gauge?
Question 10. What is the colour of the high-pressure gauge?
Question 11. What measures low pressure (psig) and vacuum (inches Hg)?
Question 12. What does the high-pressure gauge measure?
Question 13. According to the EPA regulations the hoses are to be equipped with?
Question 14. In miles, how high is the stratosphere above sea level?
Question 15. What is the stratosphere comprised of?

Question 16. Ozone molecule is made up of.

Question 17. Protective benefits of the ozone layer.
Question 18. The Ozone layer is important in maintaining?

Question 19. Mention few of the diseases and outcomes caused by depletion of Ozone layer in the stratosphere?
Question 20. Causative agent that depletes the ozone layer?
Question 21. How many oxygen atoms does chlorine molecule break away from ozone molecule?
Question 22. What compound is formed when chlorine molecule reacts with ozone molecule?
Question 23. A single Chlorine atom is capable of destroying how many Ozone molecules?
Question 24. To what extent do volcanoes contribute chlorine as compared to CFC’s?
Question 25. Does chlorine in CFC’s dissolve in water?


1 Heat is absorbed in the evaporator
2 Heat is absorbed in the evaporator and causes the refrigerant to boil from liquid to vapor
3 The refrigerant is now a low temperature, low pressure vapor
4 It condenses to a liquid
5 The refrigerant is a high-pressure liquid
6 The metering device causes a reduction in pressure, and therefore a reduction in saturation temperature
7 Accumulator which would be located in the suction line directly following the evaporator
8 A receiver, which would be located in the liquid line directly following the condenser
9 Blue
10 Red
11 Compound gauge
12 It measures high side (discharge) pressure
13 Low loss fittings that will minimize refrigerant loss when hoses are disconnected
14 Between 10 and 30 miles above sea level
15 Ozone
16 Three oxygen atoms (03)
17 Harmful ultraviolet radiation
18 It helps maintain stable Earth temperatures
19 Crop loss, increase in eye diseases, skin cancer, reduced marine life, deforestation , increased ground level ozone
20 CFC’s and HCFC’s
21 One
22 Chlorine Monoxide (CIO) and O2¬
23 100,000 Ozone molecules
24 A small quantity
25 No

25 Practise EPA HVAC 608 Final Exam Answers
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25 Practise EPA HVAC 608 Final Exam Answers
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